Extending the Life of Your Transmission

You depend on your vehicle’s transmission to help you navigate the streets of the greater Tulsa area as well as take you through the rigors of rural travel beyond the city limits. While your transmission is a durable mechanical component, you will eventually need service and/or repair. Getting the right service in a timely manner is similar in some ways to a blood transfusion. It replaces a critical fluid that has been lost, or it removes some fluid (possibly containing other debris) that is no longer effective, replacing it with healthy liquid. To ensure that you have the best possible experience, we’re providing you with information about each service type and what it entails. When you’re ready for that service, we look forward to seeing you at Lifetime Transmissions in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We are committed to integrity in automotive repair, believing you should get honest service at a fair price.

Types of Transmission Service

When someone refers to transmission fluid service, he or she could be referencing several different things. It’s important to understand the difference so that you get the service your auto actually needs and that you get what you’ve paid for. Because transmission fluid can break down with time and use, your manufacturer will give a recommendation in your car’s owner’s manual of when periodic fluid exchanges are needed. This involves draining all the old fluid and replacing it with fresh liquid. A technician will remove the plug to do this and inspect it before returning it to its position and refilling the fluid. Although automatic and manual transmissions operate differently for the driver, the fluid exchange process is similar for either model. More extensive, a fluid and filter exchange entails not only exchange of the fluid, but also replacement of the filter that catches unwanted debris as it circulates through your transmission. It’s also a good idea to remove and replace the gasket while the pan is removed from the vehicle to allow for the filter exchange. Finally, a complete transmission service is the most thorough preventive maintenance visit. It takes care of the fluid exchange and filter replacement described above, and it also allows for professional cleaning of the pan and examination of the sump.

Honest Help for You, Reliable Service for Your Transmission

You expect your vehicle and its transmission to last a long time, as you should. You’ll find that it runs more efficiently for a longer period of time, however, if you take care of it by performing routine maintenance such as transmission fluid services. The certified technicians at Lifetime Transmission in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, are knowledgeable about your transmission and committed to honest, reputable service. We look forward to seeing you soon to assist you with your transmission fluid service needs.

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