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Because we have been so blessed by our community, we have decided in 2022 to give 1 deserving individual or family experiencing a tough time, who needs transmission repair or replacement but is unable to afford it, some assistance. We know being without a vehicle can make trying times even more of a challenge and more difficult to overcome, so we want to help!

Each month we will select an eligible candidate to receive a free transmission repair or replacement. 

Qualifying candidates must be 18 or older, must be a resident of Oklahoma, and must have a valid driver’s license. 

Candidates may only be selected once but can apply once per quarter if not selected.

The qualifying vehicle must be a 1990 model or newer. Registration of the vehicle must be in the candidate’s name, and tags, insurance, and registration must be current. We cannot drive vehicles that do not have proper insurance and registration. We are unable to service exotic or European vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Saab, Maserati, Fiat, etc., or dual-clutch transmissions found in some Ford cars. Accordingly, all such vehicles are not qualified for this offer. 

Any engine performance, performance enhancement (i.e. computer “chip” or similar alterations from factory specifications), or other external issues that can cause or did cause or contribute to the current transmission failure will need to be addressed at a cost to the winner at a facility that is able to perform those repairs before the remanufacture or repairs can be performed unless an alternative time is agreed upon in writing and signed by an authorized officer of lifetime transmissions, or warranty offered is void. We will not repair the transmission if damage results again from the same issues – Even if subsequent repairs are claimed to be unrelated to those issues. Giveaway is only for transmission or transmission repair if replacement is unnecessary. 

In order to maintain the non-transferable Lifetime Warranty, the recipient must agree to follow the standard Lifetime Warranty Terms and Conditions as applicable to all other warranty customers. The full Terms and Conditions will be provided in writing at or before the time of service, and those Terms and Conditions are neither negotiable nor subject to change. The terms include but are not limited to, service intervals every 30,000 miles. Continued services are not included in the giveaway. If you choose to have those services performed by Lifetime Transmissions, which is not a requirement of the Terms and Conditions, standard costs apply. Service at any other transmission shop must be performed by a professionally trained mechanic and must be documented. Servicing of one’s personal vehicle does not meet the Warranty terms unless the service is approved in advance, and that approval is reduced to writing and signed by an authorized officer of Lifetime Transmissions. 


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Lifetime Transmissions “Give Back” Transmission Giveaway