Repairing Honda and Acura Transmission

Honda and Acura vehicles are manufactured by the same parent company. Although these vehicles are known for their reliability and durability, transmission problems can bring any automobile to a grinding halt. If you’ve experienced a problem with your Honda or Acura transmission in the Tulsa, Broken Arrow area, Lifetime Transmissions is the place for all of your Honda and Acura transmission needs. Lifetime Transmissions has the most knowledgeable and experienced Honda and Acura transmission builders you will find anywhere. In Fact when Lifetime Transmissions remanufactures a Honda or Acura Transmission it is highly unlikely you will ever need a transmission repair again for as long as you own your Honda or Acura. But if you do there is no need to worry since every Honda and Acura transmission built by Lifetime Transmissions comes with a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty good anywhere in the continental United States, Parts and Labor included.

Introduction of Honda and Acura Transmissions

In 1968 Honda introduced its first working automatic transmission which would later be used in the Acura. It is quite different than any other automatic transmission ever designed. The Honda transmission does not use and bands or planetary gears. In fact when you look at an exposed Automatic Honda transmission for the first time you will think it is some kind of standard transmission. It is made up of gears, shift forks, shift rods and what looks like synchronizers similar to standard transmission. In spite of its unique design the Honda automatic transmission provides the driver with a very comfortable and smooth shift between gears. In 1986 Acura was founded to answer the call for a larger luxury automobile. This was Hondas way to compete with the big luxury car market found only in the domestic car lines. The Acura automatic transmission is the same type of transmission as Hondas. The gear ratios and sizes of the Acura transmission are different to handle Acura’s larger engine sizes and vehicle weight.

Signs of a failing Honda/Acura Transmission

If your Honda/Acura Transmission Rev’s high and/or slips when it shifts into any of the gears you may need to rebuild or remanufacture the transmission. If the transmission fluid of your Honda/Acura looks dark, black and smells burnt you may need to rebuild or remanufacture the transmission. If you move the shifter of your Honda/Acura transmission to reverse or Drive and hear a clash, grind or have a delayed engagement you may need to rebuild or remanufacture the transmission. Lifetime Transmissions located in the Tulsa, Broken Arrow area has the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose, repair or remanufacture your Honda/Acura Transmission.

Rebuild or Remanufacture the Transmission

There are a few things to consider when picking a repair facility for your transmission concerns. First see if you can find several reviews on the internet with good ratings and satisfied customers. Second does the facility rebuild or remanufacture the transmission if needed. A great number of facilities will go into the transmission and replace what has failed and not much else but then charge you a high price and low warranty, this is what is called a rebuild. A Remanufactured Transmission is where the transmission is completely disassembled, all wearable items are replaced, updated parts are installed, electrical and hard parts internal to the transmission are included as well. Nothing is left to chance. If you have a transmission concern near the Tulsa, Broken Arrow area Lifetime Transmissions Inc. can provide you with remanufactured transmission good for as long as you own your vehicle anywhere in the Continental United States, parts and labor included. That Is our Nationwide Lifetime Warranty, and it comes standard with every transmission we remanufacture.

Repairing the Transmission

In some cases, a transmission does not need to be rebuilt, replaced, or remanufactured. At Lifetime Transmissions Inc. in the Tulsa, Broken Arrow area we see approximately 24% of vehicles come into our facility that we are able to repair without disassembling the complete transmission. A full line reputable transmission facility with the proper equipment, training and knowledge will be capable in determining if a repair is all you need. Lifetime Transmissions Inc. in the Tulsa, Broken Arrow Area is such a place.

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