Talkin’ Torque

No two people are exactly the same, so it’s no surprise that some have very specific preferences–what vehicle manufacturer is best, what color car shows dirt worst or least, and even which engine (gas or diesel) offers the best transmission performance. Before a debate over the latter becomes too heated, step back and consider what is actually being discussed. The truth is that there is not a single right or wrong answer. Rather, the best transmission (and it’s corresponding power plant) is the one that best suits YOU. Regardless of which option you ultimately choose, the certified technicians at Lifetime Transmissions in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, can assist you with all your transmission service and repair needs.

The Difference in Torque

The horsepower and torque produced by gasoline and diesel engines are different. Usually, drivers will get more horsepower from a gas engine, and more torque from a diesel. That’s primarily attributable to the difference in combustion of the two fuels. Gasoline combusts in a way that allows for a lower compression ratio for igniting the fuel in the cylinder. Therefore, a gas engine produces more immediate horsepower for quicker acceleration. If you are interested in stoplight to stoplight takeoff where your transmission can shift rapidly through the gears, you might prefer gas. A diesel engine, on the other hand, compresses only the air. The heated air ignites the fuel late in the process. While the immediate power is less, the pulling power (torque) through the slower gears is much greater. This allows the driver to get moving with a heavy load and continue to sustain the load as speed increases. Therefore, if you need to perform heavy work or tow things, you may gravitate toward diesel. As an added perk, you typically get more mileage from a gallon of diesel fuel, as well.

The Best Place to Take Your Torque (and the Transmission that Produces It)

You have choices when it comes to the power plant and resulting transmission performance, and you also have the option of which shop to choose for service and repair. At Lifetime Transmissions in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, we strive to offer the very best transmission repair and customer service. You’ll find that we’re the home of the only true nationwide lifetime warranty. Further, we provide quick turnaround, use only high quality parts, charge fair prices, work using honest practices, and customize your repair as needed. Regardless of which torque set-up you choose, we look forward to earning and keeping your business.

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