Transmission Diagnostic Services in Broken Arrow, OK

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Certified Technicians

For more complex components of your vehicle, it is more important than ever to find qualified technicians who have training to work on today’s cars. Transmission diagnostics are more technical than ever, which is why Lifetime Transmissions continually trains our staff members to stay up to date on the latest tools and technology. In addition to road testing, we conduct a variety of thorough tests on your vehicle using state-of-the-art procedures, including fluid checks and a visual inspection of the transfer case and other components. We examine all electronic components and computers, solenoids, sensors and wiring for potential problems. If there’s something amiss, we’ll catch it. Our accurate transmission diagnostics don’t miss a thing.

Diagnostic Services in Tulsa, OK

Complete Automotive System Checks

Lifetime Transmissions thorough vehicle system checks follow a procedure of road tests, fluid checks and more using state-of-the-art technology. Our certified technicians provide internal diagnostics, advice and answers. With decades of experience behind them, they are the team to rely on for accurate automotive system checks. Our experts visually inspect the transfer case to ensure its optimal condition, as well as the vehicle’s electronic components, solenoids, sensors, wiring and computers. If we find anything out of order or in poor condition, we’ll let you know and form a plan to correct it.

Common Transmission Issue Check

As transmission specialists, we’ve seen our fair share of common transmission problems. Lifetime Transmissions shares our experience and knowledge with you so you can decide if your vehicle is exhibiting warning signs of poor transmission function.

Delayed Response

When you shift your automatic vehicle from park into drive, its response should be immediate. If you feel a delay before the gears engage, it’s a good sign there is a transmission problem.

Fluid Leaks

Think of your vehicle’s fluid as its lifeblood. The transmission needs fluid to clean, lubricate and protect parts from damage and overheating. Fluid leaks are unfortunately one of the most common causes of transmission failure. Leaks can be tricky to identify and repair, which is why it takes a transmission specialist, like those at Lifetime Transmissions, to accurately diagnose and fix them.


Smells of burning coming from your vehicle are never a good sign. Something is likely overheating and it might be your transmission. When fluid levels drop or if the wrong fluid is used, parts are not effectively lubricated and cooled. Everything breaks down when the system runs too hot. Handle overheating problems quickly with a professional, your transmission is at risk of massive damages.

Loud Clunking & Grinding Sounds

Another key sign of transmission problems are unusual sounds, such as grinding or clunking. There may be a problem with the clutch or gear shifting. A specialist can tell you exactly what needs repair or replacement.