Truck Transmissions

How Have They Evolved?

Before you schedule comprehensive truck transmission repair services in Broken Arrow, OK, it’s a good idea to learn more about your transmission. Discover the main differences between the three most common transmission types and find out how to receive the best transmission repair services today.

Manual Transmissions

Semi-trucks and other heavy-duty trucks use an altered version of a manual transmission. Unlike a manual car, a truck transmission typically doesn’t include synchronizers. These are used to change gears without matching RPMs quickly. In order to change gears in a manual truck transmission, you’ll need to be more conscious of the RPMs and creating a smooth transition. Grinding between gears on your heavy-duty truck doesn’t necessarily mean you have a transmission issue, but it’s a good idea to have it routinely inspected.

Automated and Planetary-Gear Automatic Transmissions

A common misconception in transmissions is that there is only one type of automatic transmission. Most heavy trucks use an automated transmission, while cars and smaller vehicles use a planetary-gear automatic transmission.

Automated transmissions function similar to a manual transmission, but use computer-controlled servos to shift gears automatically. This ensures exact RPM matching when shifting, so you shouldn’t experience any grinding gears unless you have a transmission issue. Planetary-gear automatic transmissions aren’t used in heavy-duty trucks, but feature hydraulically controlled systems used in cars and smaller vehicles. Because a planetary-gear automatic transmission doesn’t offer back pressure, it can cause a vehicle to accelerate going downhill dramatically.

Signs of Transmission Issues

Regardless of the type of transmission you have, look out for common signs of damage. Your heavy-duty truck transmission may require preventative maintenance to avoid a major rebuild service. Here are the classic symptoms of transmission issues:

  • Burning smells
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Clunking while switching gears
  • Dark, contaminated transmission fluid

Enjoy Convenient Truck Transmission Repair Services Today

When you need truck transmission repair services in Broken Arrow, OK, turn to Lifetime Transmissions. As a premier transmission repair service in your area, we offer lifetime warranties on our work and use only the best quality parts and equipment. Request an estimate today to receive a comprehensive transmission inspection and prompt repairs of any issues holding you back.

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