What Is Transmission Repair?

When Do You Need A Professional

Transmission repair is a misunderstood part of automotive maintenance. Many car owners believe transmission issues are too costly to handle and come without warning. If you’re concerned about your vehicle’s transmission, discover how you can enjoy affordable, reliable transmission services in Broken Arrow, OK.

Transmission Flush

One of the most affordable transmission repairs for your vehicle is a transmission flush. Over time, sludge and grime can accumulate in your transmission. This causes your transmission oil to lubricate the moving parts inefficiently. This can cause your transmission to grind and seize.

A transmission flush cleans out all the old transmission oil and sludge. Using cleaning solutions and an oil change service, your technician attempts to restore full efficiency without costly repair services. A flush may be all you need to prevent costly damage that leads to complete rebuild service.

Fluid Change

If you need new transmission oil, but there isn’t sufficient buildup to require a transmission flush, your technician may simply replace the oil. A fluid change is a cost-effective option that can solve many transmission issues and act as preventative maintenance for more severe issues.

Rebuild Services

Finally, your technician may determine that a complete rebuild service is necessary. This transmission repair is the most in-depth option, so it will take additional time and components. Your technician will thoroughly take apart and inspect each component in your transmission. If your transmission requires a rebuild service, there will be one or more components that are corroded or damaged. After replacing the necessary parts, your technician will thoroughly clean your transmission and replace the required components. The final step is to completely seal your transmission to reduce contamination and buildup in the future.

Find Affordable Transmission Repair Services in Broken Arrow

Lifetime Transmissions in Broken Arrow, OK, is your local team of transmission experts. We proudly offer a lifetime warranty on our transmission repair and rebuild services so that you can be confident in the quality of our work. We’ll offer fair, honest prices and strive to restore your transmission within 48 hours. Request an estimate today to discover how you can enjoy quality transmission services for less.

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