What to know when pricing a transmission

All transmissions shops do not build transmissions the same way. Some small individual shops will only replace the parts that have failed at that time to keep cost down and get the job. The question is, how long will it last before the other parts fail and what did not get replaced?

Customers, of coarse are not familiar with the cost of their transmission job until they start calling around. When they get prices, they should look for an average cost with a good warranty, rather than the lowest cost with a 3 to 12-month warranty. Typically, the better the warranty the better the build, nobody stands behind a bad build for very long.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Do you replace the torque converter? Do you replace all the clutches, seals, gaskets, & the filter? Do you update the valve body and replace worn valves in the pump? Several 2007 and newer vehicles come with an oil bathed computer in the transmission that should be included in the price. If they say it is an option, you may want to consider using someone that knows better. If a shop is resistant to you asking questions or they don’t want to spend time with you, find someone that will. Read the signs and go with your gut.

If a shop or person ever tells you that they need money in advance after taking possession of your transmission or vehicle, you should find a more professional transmission facility. That person probably doesn’t even have a bank account or the proper tools to do the job. So what kind of job do you think you are going to get? Learn to read the signs and run. We will never ask you for any payment in advance.

Beware of the shops that say something like, the cost is 1100.00 dollars plus electrical and hard parts. That is a tactic used to get you in the door, the transmission is then removed and disassembled, then you get the call saying, “Wow is this transmission tore up”. This will typically cost you a lot more than most other places. A reputable professional transmission facility will not do this. Most hard parts and electrical items are included in our transmissions.

Beware of the shops that say they can’t tell you what is wrong or give you a price until they take the transmission out of the vehicle. You will be committed and responsible for paying for the work they have already performed in order to get your vehicle back if you don’t like the price. It is always possible for a reputable professional transmission repair facility to give a pretty good idea of what is wrong and an approximate price after a proper diagnostic is performed.

There are some transmission shops that claim to have a nationwide lifetime warranty. When a company claims to have a lifetime warranty, ask them if it is an option, does it cost more to have a lifetime warranty, is there ever a deductible, does it cover 100% parts and labor, are you required to bring it back every 6 or 12 months for inspection, is the standard warranty transmission of lesser quality.

Here at Lifetime Transmissions Inc., we have the only true Nationwide Lifetime Warranty, good for as long as you own your vehicle anywhere in the continental United States, parts and labor included. We do not require you to come back for inspections, there is no deductible, every transmission is built with the best quality parts, we do not let the best build become an option. We build only the best transmissions and anyone who wants less will need to go back to the other guys!

Written by Lifetime Transmissions

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