Why Franchise with Lifetime Transmissions in Tulsa?

At Lifetime Transmissions Inc., our vision is to create a brand that is synonymous with quality, superior service, and the best transmission facilities in the market – all made possible by the hard work of incentivized and charismatic individuals.

We offer an advanced and completely unique transmission repair franchise to investors combining the genuine value of a lifetime warranty on all work, structured systems that deliver quality service, and of course, a proven name that people can always trust.

We consider all new franchisees of Lifetime Transmissions Inc. as members of our family. You will be treated with respect, and we will be totally dedicated to assisting you on your path to success. We will be with you on every step of the way as you grow your own business.

Our Mission

We have a very simple operating concept designed to provide a profitable, retail-based business opportunity to interested investors. Each franchisee will operate the business from an inline (or stand alone) retail operation. You will only carry a few employees and a simple operating model.

Revolutionary Business Model

All other transmission shops and franchises have one vulnerability, the builder. If your builder doesn’t show up for work, you can’t build, you get behind, and you lose income. If you can’t replace a terminated builder you can’t build at all. If your builder can only build a few transmissions you lose potential revenue. Worst case scenario, you hire a bad builder and he bankrupts the entire company. For every “come back” you lose 2 fold, once because you now have to repair a vehicle for no profit and secondly, you have to put paying clients on hold. It is very difficult to find a top quality, experienced builder today. If you do find one, they are 25 to 30 dollars per hour and want a 40 hour per week guarantee. On top of their salary, you add FICA, workman’s comp, and other required payroll taxes and insurance. 

In a Lifetime Transmission Franchise, this vulnerability does not exist. Our shops don’t need builders because they are provided with completely remanufactured transmissions that are extensively tested. We have a tried and true build process that is always consistent and doesn’t change, which eliminates any malfunctions. All you need are quality technicians to remove and replace transmissions and an experienced diagnostics technician. In some cases your R & R tech and diagnostics technician could be one in the same. Labor for these positions aren’t nearly as costly as an experienced builder. 

By now, we are sure you’re already impressed, but what if we could make this sound even better. What if you NEVER have to pay for a transmission that comes back unless it was due to poor installation? To good to be true, right? Wrong! We will not only replace the unit free of charge but will pay you to remove and install it again, as long as the customer has adhered to the warranty terms and conditions.

Our Vision

With our groundbreaking business model, Lifetime Transmissions Inc. is leading the way in the transmission repair industry. As a franchisee, you will have access to this business model, a great work / life balance, immense potential for growth, and more.

Let us be the ones that are put to the test, trying to better ourselves and build a better transmission, so you can offer the best built, best backed automatic transmission in the United States at an affordable price. We are changing the way people choose a transmission shop for their repairs. Our product is different, our image is different. Lifetime Transmissions is professional, dependable, clean, and provides its customers with a comfortable atmosphere to wait on their vehicles. This is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up. 

We leave you with a true story a 64 year old business acquaintance once told me. He was contacted by a college friend that had moved to Arkansas, wanting him to invest in this idea he had of putting filtered water into a bottle and selling it. He laughed about it and told his friend he really wasn’t interested. “You can get water anywhere and for free.” He paused for a moment and continued, “If I could only turn back time, I’d be set for Life.” 

Investing in a Trusted Name

  • 30+ years of experience on your side
  • Great potential for ROI and Gross Margin
  • Detailed and specific training
  • Comprehensive ongoing operating support and assistance
  • Exclusive and large territories
  • Vendor relationships and discounted supplies / products

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