Why You Might Need Transmission Replacement

A Professional Diagnosis To Save Time And Money

Your transmission is one of the most essential parts of your vehicle. It’s the system that sends the right amount of power to your vehicle’s wheels. This helps them drive at the speed you’re dictating. The transmission is made up of a variety of shifting gears. Depending on whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, your system may look a little different. But both types perform the same primary function. When a transmission gets worn down or damaged, your vehicle won’t run properly (if at all). Here are a few of the top indications you might need transmission replacement in Broken Arrow.

You See Leaking Transmission Fluid

If transmission fluid leaks from underneath the vehicle, it’s a dangerous situation. The leaking fluid (which is red in color) not only means your transmission isn’t working properly, but it can also be hazardous if it leaks onto a hot pipe. Take your vehicle in for service right away if you see any red fluid beneath your car.

Shifting Is Delayed

Does it feel like your vehicle is slow to respond when you shift? If so, you may have low transmission fluid. You may also have a problem with your computer failing to allow the transmission to shift properly.

Engine Revs High

If your engine revs high or your transmission slips, it could be caused by internal damage to the inside of the transmission due to low transmission fluid or water intrusion into the transmission parts. High revving could also indicate that your clutch is worn out.

Burning Smell

Anytime you smell a burning aroma from your engine, it’s a bad sign. It could be due to a fluid leak in your transmission. Catching the problem early could mean the difference between a simple transmission repair and an entire transmission replacement.

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light comes on, it could indicate problems with more than just the engine. It could also mean your transmission is having issues. To pinpoint the source of the problem, you will likely need to take your vehicle in for service.

Schedule Your Transmission Replacement

If your transmission is shot and you already know you need a new one, you can trust the professionals at Lifetime Transmissions in Broken Arrow. Please fill out our online contact form to schedule your service.

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