Warranties for Transmission Repair in Tulsa, OK

Home Of The Only Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

When you’re looking for a transmission rebuild or transmission repair serving Tulsa, you want to know that you are getting a top-quality product and experienced professional service for your investment. At Lifetime Transmissions Inc., we are dedicated to building the very best transmission for your vehicle—that’s why we guarantee our transmissions for as long as you own your vehicle. Our nationwide warranty offers long-term coverage on your transmission service anywhere at any time, including all associated parts and labor costs.

The Benefits of Our Warranty Guarantees

A transmission warranty is designed to protect you as a vehicle owner in the event of your vehicles transmission failure. Lifetime Transmissions Inc. understands the demands placed on vehicle transmissions, even during regular everyday use, and we are committed to backing up our transmission repair services with our warranty on light duty transmission work.

  • Lifetime Transmissions Inc.’s light duty transmission warranty covers your transmission service under all types of normal use. This means that if your transmission should fail in the future due to normal wear and tear, faulty parts, or a mistake made during the repair or installation process, we will repair or replace the transmission at absolutely no cost to you—including the cost of labor. Many transmission warranties won’t cover labor or cover only a portion of it after a certain period of time. Ours covers the entire repair 100%, tax, fluid, and all.
  • While other transmission shops may only cover their work for a limited period of time or within a small physical area, Lifetime Transmissions Inc.’s warranties are valid for as long as you own your vehicle, whether you plan to keep it for five years or fifty. Our warranty also covers your transmission no matter where you are located in the continental US and regardless of how many miles you have put on the vehicle.

Surpassing Your Vehicle’s Potential

When you receive your vehicle from the manufacturer, its transmission may not be truly optimized to deliver the very best vehicle performance. While transmission repair cannot improve upon your vehicle’s best attainable MPG, a faulty, damaged, or failing transmission can rob your vehicle of both performance and fuel economy. Lifetime Transmissions Inc. has the experience and the knowledge needed to build a transmission uniquely suited to your vehicle and your needs, allowing you to surpass its potential and enjoy the ultimate driving experience throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. Thanks to our understanding of car transmission function and vehicle needs, we can deliver top-quality transmission service with a warranty you won’t find anywhere else.

At Lifetime Transmissions Inc., we deliver fast, professional transmission repair and transmission rebuild services for your light- and heavy-duty vehicles in Tulsa. You can find out more about our transmission shop and the lifetime warranties we offer by calling (918) 695-7012.